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Monday, 25 June 2007

Perfect Birthday Present

On Yahoo Messenger private message, a window popped and turns out it's from my waswit.
My Waswit: Inay, ginamit mo ang pangalan ko?
Ako: Saan?
My Waswit: Sa Victoria's Secret, may catalogue na dumating dito.

It made me think... What on earth?!?! Then it suddenly boomed into my memory...
I will send one catalogue to my waswit just in time for at least 2 months before my birthday because any item there is worth more than precious especially it's from him. ;) Yeah, yeah! Yun nga pala yun... Talagang nawala sa utak ko. Hindi ko naalala ang material gift na gusto kong matanggap for my birthday.

And the silliest part of it is... it arrived 2 days before his birthday!! Hehehe... Sorry itay for the humilation... maybe your officemates would think you're a pervert or a certified bading... hehehe...

I love you!

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Bjoy said...

gus2 ko to. nakakatawa. hehehe :)